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Matt & Jodie Amore Gardens Wedding

Matt & Jodie have been together for almost 14 years now so family and friends had already welcomed them as family but they all were glad it was finally official. Everyone including the guests were getting ready in Broadbeach, once everyone was ready to go the bus came to pick up the guest and the limo for the Girls. Amore gardens is such a lovely natural wedding venue. "Clarah the celebrant did and amazing job of calming me nerves", said Jodie. Matt has always struck me as a romantic. He has her J tattooed on his finger and as a surprise had their wedding date tattooed onto his wrist. So it was no surprise to me when he teared up as the stunning Jodie walked towards him. Oh sorry Matt, I know it was allergies.Matt said the funniest part of the day was, " Everyone laughing at me crying, I will never hear the end of it." A lot of couples tell me they are going to continue to party afterward, these guys truly did. Staying out with friends and family until 4am at the Casino.

Supplier List:

Dress: Luv Bridal

Hair & Makeup: NARS Everything Beaute

Venue: Amore Gardens

Celebrant: Clarah Luxford

DJ: Peppers Entertainment

Flowers: Tweed Banore Florist

Cake: The Little Cupcake & Cookie Co

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