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Gareth & Jess's Sunset Blue Wedding

After shooting Jess' brothers wedding a few years ago I was honored to be asked to join this lovely family for anther special day.

Gareth got ready at one of his groomsmen houses while Jess was at the lovely Monkomo at Redcliffe. I have been to Monkomo a few time recently, I'm starting to feel like a perminate fixture. Jess was so relaxed and running early. See looking like a princess floating, so happy. I loved their ceremony not only very intimate but I loved how all the guests brought picnic blankets adding to the relaxed atmosphere. As soon as the ceremony was over I cought Gareth updating his facebook status to "Married" After a few photos at the ship wreck we were off to Sunset Blue. This venue was very special to them as this is where they had their first date 4 years earlier almost on the same weekend. We cut the bridal party photos a little short as it was very cold and the girls had no sleeves. But we still cought the awesome sunset. I haven't seen a bad sunset at this spot just beautiful. The speeches during the reception were very funny. I love seeing Gareth and Jess dancing the night away these two couldn't keep their hands off each other and looked so in love.

Suppleirs List:

Hair: Jess T Hair

Makeup: Kiara Maree Makeup

Ceremony: Gayundah Arboretum

Transport: Royale Limousine

Celebrant: Amour Ceremonies

Favorite part of the day?

What She Said: Seeing Gareth waiting for me at the end of the aisle (also the only time I got nervous)

What He said: Bridal party photos

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