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Chris & Ashleigh's The Glades wedding

Chris got ready at Air on Broadbeach with his bridal party, then it was a quick trip to the next floor to see the girls. I arrived and Ashleigh's mum had been busy make everything so spotless. The girls were ready and so calm. This was not surprising as Ashleigh has a very easy going personality. Of to the Ceremony at The Glades where the ceremony was held overlooking the water. As Ashleigh reached the red carpet she slipped in a little twirk before going the rest of the way down to meet Chris. Tarnya Bennett has a fun personal ceremony prepared. But even she didn't expect Ashleigh to say, "we're cousins" just to get a reaction. This had everyone in stitches. Then off in the Buggies to take some photos. There were a lot of clowns around, but we just had to take a photo with "Were's Wally". Can you spot him? The reception was a lot of fun and both Chris & Ashleigh really made the rounds spending time with all their guests.

Supplier List:

Dress: Andrea's Brides & Grooms

Hair & Makeup: The Touch Up Team

Venue: The Glades

Transport: Golden Gate Limos

Flowers: Moss 'n' Stone

Celebrant: Tarnya Bennett

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