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To Veil or Not to Veil?

The answer is different for everyone. Here are some things to consider.

Where you are getting married? If your wedding is in a church or cathedral this is perfect for a long cathedral veil, but a long veil is not so suitable for a beach wedding due to the wind and sand weighing it down.

Your wedding theme For example if your wedding is vintage themed then a netted fascinator will work a treat.

Your dress If you have a simple dress then a veil with lace or beaded details can be lovely to add an extra element, If your dress is very detailed then maybe a hair piece would be more suitable so we don’t miss any of the stunning dress detail.

If your bodice had beautiful detail you want to show off a waist length veil is idea and practical.

If there are bead on your dress go for a plain veil so the beads on the dress don’t get court on your veil. Strapless dresses are extremely popular, and a veil helps to slim down the upper body area, most of us our everyday wardrobe has sleeves, or straps to do this job. Your hair If you’re wearing your hair down then a veil will add a bridal element. If you have a detailed up style then you may not want to cover it with a veil

Long veils can be a lot of fun in photos.

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