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How to choose your wedding photographer



There are so many options when choosing a wedding photographer. This is what you will have when the day is over, to re-live those amazing moments. If you like the photos there is still some more information you should know before booking in. Below are some pointers that will help you.


Look closely at the sample photos.

Look for lighting, can you see the subject well or is it dark compared to the rest of the photo. Are the photos consistent from one to the next, can you see blue sky's, are their reception photos clear or grainy?


Is wedding photography their specialist area?

Many photographers are hobbyists only photographing on weekends while maintaining their “real” job during the week or are a photographer but specialise in Landscapes or some other form of photography. These photographers will not have the experience to capture your day without making mistakes that may cost you your memories.


How many weddings have they photographed?


Make sure they show you a range of different weddings in different conditions e.g. Sun, Rain and Night. Also make sure they show you a full wedding so you can make sure they are able to nail more than one nice shot on your wedding day. Experience will mean they can capture all your day with professional results from start to end.




Professional photographers should use lenses that can capture the best quality (normally f1.2 to f2.8) Not only do you want to know about what they use but what they have as a back up in case some piece of equipment fails. Ideally every piece of equipment should have a back up. Also in rain, low light or tricky areas do they have off camera lighting to ensure the highest quality no matter what the situation?


How do they back up your photos?


I have heard some real horror stories about photos being lost or damaged. This happens more that I would like to think. Your photographer should at a minimum have your photos in 2 places before they leave you at your wedding and in the studio and off site once your wedding is over.


Memberships / Insurances


As photography is not a regulated industry it is important to do what you can to find out that your photographer is a True Professional.. These photographers have had their work approved by a board of photographers and hold insurances to cover you in case anything should go wrong. Some venues will not allow photographers on site without valid liability insurance, you don't want them removed from site on the day.


Do the photos speak to you?


There is a photographer out there that will suit your style! We are all unique and your photos should speak to you. There is no right or wrong answer here.


Is the photographer you are meeting the one who will photography your wedding?


It is important to meet with the person who will photograph your wedding before the wedding day. They will be with you most of the day and a calming, relaxed and fun personality will make your day much more enjoyable. Ensure they know what you may like to add after the wedding.


Most packages will include a basic coverage ensure you understand what is included in your package and also what is available after the wedding. For example albums come with a number of sides with the option for you to add more after the wedding. Full time, professionals will be able to speak to you in a way that educates you as to the costs involved, time frames etc. with the ability truly educate you, so that you feel comfortable that you understand the information you have received without confusion.


Ensure you understand what type of digital files are included?


Ensure you understand what type of digital files are included?
Do they have a watermark on them? What size and resolution are they? Can they also be provided in a format that suits social media such as Facebook, email etc.?

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