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Relax and have fun with your new family while we create your precious memories that you will treasure for a lifetime. They will never be this small again.

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When is the best time for newborn shoot?

The best time to photography baby is between 5 - 14 days. This is when they are most settled and flexible for those curled up poses.

When do I book?

We book you in a tentative date based on your due date. Babies never arrive when we expect them to so we use this as a guide to prepare and keep a position available for you. Then we move it around once they are born, there are no rescheduling fees or cancelation fees.


I had a C-Section, Should I wait until that is better?

No, by the time you're healed, your baby will be not by sleeping nearly as much, and will not be as flexible so those little cute curled up poses are no longer possible. When you come into the studio we are able to accomodate that you are not jumping up and down as yet and will do all the posing and changing of the baby for you. Alternatively we can come to you if you are unable to make it to the studio.

Baby has pimples?

Don't worry this is quite common, we remove this and other temporary blemishes from the skin in the airbrushing process.

Baby still has umbilical clip

We are careful with this and used to working with babies that still have this. We pose around it to hide it.

What should baby wear?

Newborns look the cutest nudie so we can see all their cute squishy bits. We use wraps, nappy covers and other props to keep their private parts private. Clothes on newborns are generally too big on them and bunch up, however if you are wanting them in a special outfit please bring it along and we will see how we can include it for you.

What should I wear?

We will have a phone consultation before your session to talk about the colour palette you would like to use and then give you suggestions on what to wear. Babies can sometimes have their nappies off during the shoot so an additional outfit for accidents on mum or dad is advisable. 

What should I bring?

If you are bottle feeding bring more bottles than you would normally expect. If you have any special gifts such as toys, hats or blankets, some of these maybe able to be used in your session. If older siblings are also coming to the shoot make sure they have plenty of snacks and toys to keep them entertained. 

Can other family members come?

Of cause. We always include mum, dad & siblings but on occasion grandma may also want to have a photo. Just let me know who is coming so we can allow extra time.

How long will it take?

Newborn babies have a mind of their own and we wait for them to be ready so a typical photoshoot takes about 2-3 hours. We make sure to include the whole family so photos of baby with mum, dad and even older siblings will also be designed.

When can I see the photos?

You can view and order your photos the same day as your shoot, or come back at a another time. If you would like to see them straight away allow another 1 hour to your session time.

Is it better to come to the studio?

Our studio is fitted with professional studio lighting, so no matter what the time of day we can capture amazing photos. Our studio is air conditioned and kept the perfect temperature for a newborn. We have plenty of props to choose from so will have more options to give you. 

If you're not able to travel and would prefer us to come to you, we do have mobile lighting also available for you.

I feel like I have too much baby weight

As new mums we can often be very conscious of this, we are experienced in posing mum's for the most flattering angles. We even have a hair & makeup artist available to visit the studio if you want to be really pampered. 

Why are babies sleeping in the photos?

Sleeping babies are so calming and cute. Awake babies tend to through their arms and legs around making some poses unsafe. Some new babies aren't able to focus properly yet and can appear cross eyed in photos. 

Is is safe?

The safety of your baby is our number 1 priority. All props are cleaned before being used with your baby. A lot of photos are composites, for instance we may have hands on the baby that are removed in photoshop. We are trained in safe handling of babies and never place babies in positions they are not happy with. Our staff are fully vaccinated. 

How to we pay?

If you choose not to order the same day just the sitting fee is due on the day of the shoot. We have have many payment methods available including, Humm - Buy Now Pay Later Finance.



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