Fergus & Katie's Hillstone Wedding

July 12, 2015

It was such a pleasure to be with Dale & Meghann on their wedding day. It was held at Tweed Ultima. Switching between Qld & NSW time set a few challenges for some but other that than that the day was hitch free :)

After everyone got ready it was a shirt lift ride to the ceremony where the room had been decorated so nicely within Tweed Ultima.

Then we were off for bridal party photos. The Kombie Van and a near by lane with some graffiti got me excited. Then we were off to the beach for more fun and games. 

The reception was lovely and relaxed both Meghann & Dale made their way around spending time with all their guests and ripping up the dance floor. 

Can wait to show them their finished Album. We had a lot of fun.


What She Said:- "Dales always manages to make me laugh & smile. Just being with him makes everything calm"

Funniest Part of the Day: When Dale added into the Vows that I promise not to get angry or upset next time QLD wins State of Origin.

Favorite Part of the Day: Bridal party photos between ceremony & reception

What He Said:- "Meghann is very laid back and has a gorgeous smile & she gets all of my silly jokes"

Funniest Part of The Day: My Dad cutting into the dance with Meghan & I to dance with me instead.

Favorite Part of The Day: Bridal party photos between ceremony & reception