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10 tips for choosing the perfect wedding shoes

It is true that most wedding dresses hide your shoes but when walking, dancing your shoes will appear. So how to we choose the right shoes.

1. Always wear in your shoes, you don’t want to be uncomfortable on your wedding day. Make sure your feet are clean, walk around the house so you don’t dirty them before your big day.

2. Consider your groom. Ideally it’s nice if you are a little shorter than your groom so if he is tall go all out on a tall heel. Keep them to a ballet flat, or kitten heel if you are tall.

3. What are you used to wearing. If you’re not used to wearing heels walking in them can be tricky so go with what you’re comfortable in.

4. Consider your venue. Some vintage venues don’t allow stilettos. A wedge is ideal for a garden wedding, and foot jewellery for a beach wedding etc.

5. Consider your theme. If you’re having a country wedding then a pair of boots could be just your thing. A pair of sketches for the urban bride or stiletto bling for the princess bride.

6. Doesn't need to be white. Matching your bridesmaids colour or accessories can be a great way to add a little colour splash to your outfit.

7. Bring a backup. If you are going to be walking around taking lots of photos bringing along a pair of flats to walk in will have your feet thanking you.

8. Take your shoes to all your dress fitting so you know just how the dress will sit and walk around the room.

9. Get them fitted. Choose a shoe that you would love to wear again and then get them fitted properly.

10. If you are on a budget you might like to consider dying, customising a cheaper comfortable pair.

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