11 Steps to The Best Wedding Photos

Even if you are extremely confident in your photographer there are still things you can do to help get more great photos.

1. Be comfortable & confident with your photographer 
Being able to trust that they are able to help pose you in the most flattering way, means that when they ask you to do something you’re happy to give it a go …. this can make the most amazing photos come to life. Booking an engagement shoot can help with this as it will give you a practice run.

2. Remember what the day is about. 
For us to be able to capture the love between the two of you we need to be able to see it. A lot of couples get dragged off in all directions on the wedding day and spend very little time with each other. Make sure you make the effort to seek each other out through out the evening and after the ceremony have some time where the two of you can spend together.

3. Clear Space Getting ready in your family home can be very special. Having a clear space will make for better photos so if you want to get ready at home, put away unnecessary items on benches and clean mirrors.

4. Timing Speak to your photographer about timing for the best time for sunset photos etc. They have lots of experience and can help you know how much time should be left at each stage of the day so no one is rushed.

5. Makeup Make sure you do a trial run and organise your engagement shoot for that day. If not then take a photo of yourself, inside, outside, using flash, into the sun and away from it. This will give you a good idea of how it will turn out in your photos. The biggest mistake brides make is the colour of the foundation. Your eye is drawn to the brightest part of the photo so, since you’ll be wearing white. If in doubt choose a shade lighter.

6. Tans Just NOOOOO! unless you get them all the time and this is how people see you then a fake tan can be a disaster, coming off on the dress and making your groom who has not had a tan look like he’s seen a ghost. Camera’s also have a tendency to saturate orange. 7. Laugh Even a fake laugh will make you laugh for real, and these photos can make for the most emotive. Helping you remember your day as so fun and exciting. Also this will help everyone in the photo relax to get the most natural photos.

8. Stick it out Whatever you put closer to the camera looks larger anything you put away from the camera looks smaller. So leaning slightly forward at the hips will help eliminate double chins and make hips and buts look smaller. Also if you bend your arms slightly and take them away from your body this gives a beautiful waist line and slims out the arms. Don’t stick them out too far we don’t want to look like we are trying to fly away, practice in the mirror and you’ll get the right amount.

9. Look up When booking your reception centre remember that the ceiling will be in a lot of your photos and a beautiful ceiling can add a beautiful mood to your reception.

10. Be confident It’s your day, you have carefully chosen the right dress for you, the right makeup and a beautiful hair do, and YES you look amazing. Be confident in this. In my experience it doesn’t matter the brides size, shape or anything else. If you own’s it then the photos turn out amazing. Remember shoulders back with confidence and your photos will be amazing.

11. Light your dance floor Many venues turn down the lights for the dancing. This is fine but for the best results make sure they don’t turn them off as our cameras do need light to focus and we don’t want to bang out the flash as this will loose all ambiance in the room that you have so carefully chosen.

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