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7 Steps to the Perfect Wedding Proposal

Since I have been photographing weddings for over a decade, I get to hear a lot of proposal stories. How he popped the question are some of my favorite stories about my couples. So here are a few tips I have pick up to pop the question perfectly.

1. Feel Her Out Most of you will be quite sure she’ll say yes. There will be hints about, children, futures, living together etc. If you’re not sure if she’s ready yet try to ask some questions about future plans and her thought on marriage in general. This way you’ll have a better idea and when the time comes although it might be a surprise she won’t drop dead from shock.

2. Make sure it’s personal This story will be re told for years to come, asking in the add break for your favourite sports might not be ideal. Think of some where meaningful. Weather it is the location of your first date, where you met or your favourite spot is a good start. Or a date that is meaningful.

3. Asking the Parents It is still looked upon favorably if you ask the parents permission. These days also asking both mum & dad together is more than appropriate.

4. Shhhh….. it’s a secret. The more people know it’s coming the more people who might ruin the surprise or plan. The less people you rely on to execute your plan the better.

5. The Ring I wouldn’t suggest proposing with nothing as it appears as though little thought has been put into it. You can show you know her really well and pick the ring of her dreams. If you know she would like to have input in the design propose with a loose diamond, or use a prop ring that can be exchanged for the real thing that you can choose together.

6. Say it “Will You Marry Me?” Make sure you say the words don’t make her guess.

7. Capture it Her reaction will be priceless so capturing it will be footage you will treasure for years to come. You can organise a couples session with a photographer and pop the question during the shoot for professional results or record her on your smart phone. Call us and we can help in your plan to capture the perfect moment.

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