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Frankie & Katie's Stamford Plaza Wedding

Frankie & Katie were so lovely to work with, always with a smile and such gentle care for each other. The day started out with the boys at their house. I loved the little bar Frankie had in the lounge setting a very James Bond feel. The I was off to meet the girls and thanks to Katie and The Hollywood Brides team everyone was very relaxed and ready for the adventure ahead. Then it was a short walk with the very attentive Bianca from Stamford Plaza Brisbane to the Lawn for their ceremony. After the ceremony all the guests were keen to congratulate this cute couple. Then we were off for a walk around the Botanical Gardens and the Brisbane City, where the whole bridal party were so co-operative and having a great time. Then it was back to the lovely Stamford for the party. The reception was decorated so nicely by Katie’s stepmom and she was running around with huge smiles completing all the final touches before the bridal parties arrival. Katie had been saying all day, “can’t wait for the dancing,” and they had a live band to make sure the dancing mood was perfect.

Vintage butoon holes

Scotch & Cigar

Wedding Rings

Groom with bow tie

Groom bow tie

Groom portrait


Grooms scotch


Bridesmands and mum

Bride portrait

Wedding shoes

Wedding garter

Dad's surprise

Bride getting ready

Bridesmaids and champaigne

Brides mother

Bridal portrait

Bride portrait

Bride at Stamford

Bridal flowers

Brisbane wedding photographer

Grooms first look

Emotional groom

Wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony Stamford Plaza

Groom wedding ceremony

Bride during ceremony

Wedding ring exchange

First Kiss

First Kiss

We did it

Brisbane wedding photographer

Large bridal party

Wedding photographer Brisbane

Botanical gardens wedding

Brisbane botanical gardens wedding

Fun wedding photography

Fun wedding photographer

Brisbane wedding photography

Botanical gardens wedding

Brisbane wedding

Boys with bride

Large bridal party

Girls wedding photography

Bridal party fun wedding photogapher

Industrial wedding photography

Brisbane story bridge

Stamford plaza wedding photography

Stamford plaza wedding photographer

half naked cake

Elaine room stamford plaza

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