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Brad & Diana's Stamford Plaza Wedding

Brad & Diana are such a gentle and caring couple, both with each other and their friends and family. We started the day with Brad as a little Asahi, once he was ready just a quick lift to the girls. It was so nice to see Brads family being dressed in Traditional Indonesian gowns. Diana’s dress was also Traditional Indonesian, the detail in the lace in both the top and the veil was so amazing. Getting to visit another culture right here is Brisbane always makes me smile. Mum fussed around Diana making sure it was all perfect. Once at the ceremony both Mothers walked down the aisle together before Diana appeared. After their ceremony we made sure to include the Wolf pack before heading off to Botanical Gardens for some bridal party photos. The guests mingled watching the sunset behind the Story Bridge before being seated up stairs in the beautiful River Room at Stamford Plaza. Diana’s changed into a beautiful gown for the reception with so many beads

Groom getting ready

Wedding rings


Wedding rings

Groom getting ready

Groom getting ready

Grooms portrait

Grooms mother

Grooms sister

Engagement ring

Engagement ring

Getting ready

Brides mum

Wedding shoes alan pinkus

Prides perfume

Brides portrait

Brides portrait

Mother & daughter

Indonesian wedding gown

Indonesian wedding gown

Bride portrait

Wedding ceremony St Andrews South Brisbane

Wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony

First kiss

Wedding ceremony

Congraulations married

St Andrews Anglican Church

The boys

Citi scape

City scape wedding photography

Wedding photography

Bride wedding photos

Wedding photos

Groom wedding photos

Brisbane city wedding location

Wedding transport

Wedding photographer

Lets dance wedding photos

Botanical garden wedding photography

Brisbane wedding photographer

Brisbane wedding photographer

Wedding photography Brisbane

Kiss the bride

Bride & Groom Botanical Gardens

Bridal party photos

Fun with friends

Stamford plaza venue

Pre dinner drings Stamford Plaza
River room stamford plaza
Reception entrance

Cutting the cake

Bridal waltz great dip

Story bridge wedding photos

Supplier List:

Transport: Limoso Transport

Reception Stamford Plaza

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