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Daniel & Deborah's Gabbinbar Homestead Wedding

Daniel & Deborah have an incredible love storey that just must be told.

Daniels Brother & Deborah's Brother both did an exchange program, traveling to Paris & Australia. The families became friends while taking care each others sons. Over the years the parents and other family members had many trips and to each others homes. Of all the family members Daniel & Deborah were the last to meet.

It was obvious now why Cupid had make these two families meet across the world from each other.

Because both sides of the family were already clearly great friend the love between both families and each other was obvious.

The whole day was amazing. Deborah said, "The whole day was so magical. Getting ready with my bridesmaids, walking down the aisle, saying Ido, taking photos, the reception, Fireworks!" The fireworks were a surprise to the couple and was so cool. The funniest part of the day was Deborah's father singing to entertain the guests while the technology glitch was worked out.

Groom getting ready


Groom preparation

Groom portrait


Groom portrait

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Wedding rings

Bridal robe


Bride & mum

Bridal preparation

Brides shoes

Bride at Gabbinbar

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Brides portrait

Bridal portrait

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Wedding flowers

Dads first look

Dads first look

Dad at wedding

dad at wedding

Wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony

Brides entrance

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Wedding ceremony

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wedding at Gabbinbar

Gabbinbar wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony

First kiss

Just Married

Just married at Gabbinbar

Gabbinbar platter

Gabbinbar platter

Wedding at Gabbinbar

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