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Mark & Vanessa's Stamford Plaza Wedding

The perfect place to meet your perfect match, Mark & Vanessa met at Uni. Now it's time to tie the Knot.

Now they say that rain on your wedding day is good luck, well these guys are going to have some great luck. They were luck enough to be getting married at Stamford Plaza where their wet weather option is also so beautiful.

After the ceremony we spend some time around the Stamford Plaza for the wedding photos. Before heading back to the River room for the reception.

Everyone including grandma had a great time in the photo booth, and the entertainment was amazing with G&M, Vanessa thought one of the funniest parts of the wedding day was the shoe game they played.

Wedding rings

groom getting ready

Groom getting ready

Groom getting ready

Groom portrait

Groom getting ready

Groom getting ready


Bridbane city

Wedding perfume

Wedding rings

cheeky bridesmaids

Bride getting ready

Wedding hair

Wedding makeup

Bride & mum


Wedding photos

Best wedding photographer

Wedding portrait

Brides portrait


Wedding photographer


Wedding ceremony

Flower girl

Wedding ceremony stamford plaza

Wedding ceremony

Wedding photography

Wedding rings

Wedding flowers

Wedding decorations

Wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony

Wedding rings

First Kiss

Wedding ceremony bubbles

Brisbane wedding photographer

Fun wedding photos

Brisbane wedding photographer

Wedding photography stamford plaza

Rain wedding day

Raining wedding photos

Wedding photography

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City wedding photos

Brisbane wedding photography

Urban wedding photographer

Stamford plaza wedding photographer

Wedding cake

Wedding speeches

Wedding speeches

Wedding shoe game

Wedding reception

Bridal Waltz

Bridal waltz stamford plaza

Night time wedding photography brisbane

Supplier List:

Hair & Makeup: Blush'd Brides

Wedding photographer: Evoke Studios

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