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Scott & Kristy-Lee's Abbey Cobaki Wedding

Scott & Kristy-lee are two crazy cats, with matching cactus print outfits for their engagement shoot, avengers tattoos, lamas, smoke bomb ..... what amazing fun we had with these two. They both love how supportive they are to each other, (and how Scott rarely tells her no!)

Once everyone was ready it was time to get married in theTweed Valley at The Abbey Cobaki. Scott thought it was so funny when they both put the rings on the wrong fingers. At the conclusion of the ceremony not only excited guests to greet them but also guests of a different kind with everyone getting their selfies with the friendly Lamas.

Kristy said the favourite part of the day was taking their wedding photos and playing with the Lamas.

Their reception was also a ball of laughs, with speech bingo, meat on a stick and the best sweets buffet.

Scott & Kristy love to travel and have ticked off many places around the world, and a few extras after the honeymoon. We wish these two all the luck in the world along with many more crazy adventures.

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Supplier List:

Hair & Makeup: Blissful Beauty Co

Cake: Baked GC

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