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Chris & Allison's Ipswich Club Wedding

I meet these two on opposite sides of a bridal party a few years ago, they were not together then but I was excited to hear from them and be a part of their wedding day when it was their turn.

They have a love for all things video games and super hero's and their vows very personal reflecting their love of each other and their games :)

Chris' dad's kit car was in pieces a few weeks out from the wedding but what a cool way for them to travel on their wedding day.

Allison is a very talented baker and made their super hero wedding cake.

Purple button hole


Groom in waiting

Groom and his dog

Grooms family

Transformer cufflinks

No dont take my car

Mother of the bride

Bridal Poartrait

Wedding photography

Bridal arrived

Flower girls

Wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony

Lanturn wedding decor

The Ipswich Club wedding

The Ipswich club wedding

Wonderwomen celebrant

Wedding ceremony

Wedding photography


Wedding the ipswich club

Westfield kit car

Westfield kit car

Queens park wedding photography

Weddign photographer ipswich

Award winning wedding photographer ipswich

Queens park wedding

Super hero groom

Wedding photography

Sunset at queens park

Queens park wedding photographer

Wedding cake superhero

Wedding cake super hero

G&M DJ entertainment

Cake cutting

Cut that cake

Bridal waltz

Night shots, wedding phtoography

Supplier List:

Transport: Westfield Kit Car

Cake: The Bride

Celebrant: Wed by Lizzy

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