Adam & Julie's Stamford Plaza Wedding

July 6, 2018

This love story began like a script to the most perfect romantic movie. At a bar on New Years eve at the stroke of midnight, they met with a kiss. 


Now they day has finally arrived, with Adam really helping with a lot of the plans as Julie has is working away. Julie was accompanied by her friend Renee & twin besties from way back, as Julie was always hanging out with the boy crew. Adam's bridal party made the distance, all very close friends from primary school. Their ceremony was in the garden court yard of Stamford Plaza overlooking the Brisbane river. After some photos it was back to Stamford for the reception. 


Now this movie has a twist, after the wedding Princess Julie is whisked back to work and they won't see each other again for a while. It can't wait for the end of the movie when Julie is back in Adams arms.